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Posted by Mohammad Hassan on December 12, 2013 at 11:20 PM

First brother requested Second brother to pray after Jumna Prayer for the THIRD brother who was yesterday hung till death. I am the (ফাপরে পড়া), brother, who was curious to find out who that First brother was. How could he?

I have got only two questions for all FIRST & THIRD brothers reading this.

-Was there any Rajakar in 1971? If your answer is ‘No. then, you liar, just stop reading. If 'YES' read on.

-If someone was Rajakar in 1971, will he/she now admit that “Yes, I was Rajakar”?

All BROTHERS know the answers of both and to all “Today we are celebrating justice not death.”


In Jeffcott mosque, Melbourne, on Jumna prayer time Imam shaheb (Second Brother) mentioned that he was asked by a brother (unknown First brother) to pray for Kader Molla (Third Brother).

Who is our brother?

Without going through any dictionary or life experience you know undoubtedly by now who a brother is, at least not anyone who can lead to rape, kill etc. After thorough court practices, hearings & reviews, followed, Kader Molla has been found guilty. If no government can't follow this practice or unable to make it justified then what that government it is. Who you voted for? Why would you vote so nasty political figures again? If not then who can you rely? This is completely different issue.

How does someone can request to pray for someone who did Liberation War time brutality?

Being Bangladeshi and with my sense I might consider praying for Kader Molla’s family for their very own loss. However, why the First brother can request to a foreigner (Second Brother) who has been given information what First brother only believes and follows. For what intention? Second brother (Imam Shaheb) mentioned while requesting - quote “Although political…” unquote.

All Brothers, we have got justice. Kader Molla has been punished. Do you think we have to continue our hatred spitting on his burial place, threatening his family, arresting them & so on. If brothers say “Yes”, please just remember ‘The best revenge is massive success.' -Frank Sinatra.

Hello Brothers, God willing may our own judgement, values, morality be with us.

P.S. Brothers are here to mean all human being regardless of sex.

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