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We should use transliterate Bengali writing tools

Posted by Mohammad Hassan on May 4, 2013 at 4:20 AM

Like many of you, I am Bangladeshi. People from Bangladesh now live around the world. Different locales in the world have their own culture and languages to follow. Does this affect in speaking Bengali at home on Bangladeshis by born and those who have spent years of early life in Bangladesh. I believe and hope 'NO'.

We, now days being expats, can read, write and speak in Bengali fluently. We have our root at Bangladesh. We may try to cut it off and it's just merely impossible. One example ? When we write now in social media in a known Bengali forum, we don't hesitate or think twice to write Bengali using English characters.

That's my point discuss this time. Is it a good practice or habit?

I have often come across people who have hard feeling for others who write in Banglish. These Bengali lovers brief again and again that the latest android or apple smartphones need nothing to read in Bengali. Moreover, Banglish writers have been mentioned several times of writing tools i.e Avro, Google Bengali input toolbar etc. with web links.

Question: What do you think, these Bengali writing tool advocates will expect from Banglish writers?

Answer: Appeal positively taken and Banglish writers start using given tools in social media and elsewhere in 100% Bengali.

Real Situation: Many of us don't think seriously how social media communication taking a very significant time of daily hours. We usually don't think that we do not send hand-written letters to our friends and family since email has had its win. On the other hand, people by nature like to be in comfort zone. Hence, We often write in Banglish in social writing forums. This leads us unintentionally to forgetting even commonly used Bengali words in correct spelling. “out of sight, out of mind'. Do you, therefore, really realize the future of our very own Bengali language prevailing the current comfortable practice of Banglish writing?

So what's now...

I don't enforce any Bangladeshi to write in Bengali just after reading these few paras. Rather I, myself, write time to time in Banglish in Facebook Bangladeshi forums promoting easily accessible and downloadable transliterate Bengali writing softwares and tools.

NOW ,huge confusion for readers : Why, myself, in Banglish?

A very simple excuse: Some of us already are very strict about 'No more Banglish'. I salute them. My respect goes to them. However, in this very difficult transition time, for our own Bengali language, we need someone helping those who wouldn't leave their comfort zone. We need the volunteer for those who think they are having only their messages exchanged in Facebook and nothing else. (Facebook is not a these , assignment, project submission place written in Bengali...Why to bother so much....) We need someone who will remind and ask these people to reconsider .... going in-depth for the root cause - for FUTURE of Bengali Language amongst expats Bangladeshis future generations as well as in generic.

But, how?

My two cents...

I would strongly support those who are promoting Bengali writing tools. Parallely, I would write myself in Banglish in favour of those strong promoters using soft words and with full motivating spirit so that others can at least read and feel sincerely why wring Bengali properly using easily practicable tools is of so much significance.

Readers, I could write here in Banglish. Then why not? Because, isn't it very difficult to follow?

Why English? I wanted my readers to feel and consider my thoughts easily and review what they should do for their own Bengali language.

Why not in Bengali? If I were writing in Bengali (what I would do as my regular writing language for my own country-mates) I could have lost many of my potential readers who I really wanted to reach for this write-up to have its target met.

Please promote proper Bengali writing tools. It's easy to use and FREE!




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1 Comment

Reply Ashraful Alam
11:28 AM on December 10, 2014 
I second you on this, Bro. Good positive thoughts - we must promote Bangla actively, including proper Bangla characters on FB and other social media platforms. However, we must also understand the practical difficulty of many of us in writing Bangla on those platforms, and persuade them constructively.